VFX Festival

Role — Creative Director
Made with — MPC

Dive into the twisted world of VFX Sports. A collaboration with VFX Festival to create a bold, sport-inspired title sequence.

Seriously sporting.
Title sequences can take themselves quite seriously at times. We decided to embrace fun and healthy competition for this year's event.

Team identity.
Sport has a lot of visual identity and history across different disciplines, so a restrained palette graphic palette created subtle identity across the 'teams'.

Physical culture.
Each component was animated and choregographed in a way to capture the spirit of sport: from stamina and high energy to velocity and rhythm.

Iconic forms.
Reductive and abstract, scenes became about energy, movement and colliding disciplines.

Motion capture.
Using a combination of motion capture data and match move animation, a series of athletic forms were used as the base for driving kinetic animation. 

Credits — Made with MPC 

Creative Director
Antar Walker

CG Design & Animation
Michael Marczewski
VFX Festival


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