& Development

Role — Creative Director, Designer
Made with — Many

A collection of concept frames, designs, renders and visual development. 

A product design concept, a tubular frame is suspended and runs mains power. Each spotlight magnetically clamps onto the main tube, allowing different iterations and positioning of each lamp. Power is transmitted via ‘magsafe’ technology.

Colourful architectural shapes ︎︎︎
Primative twists

Technology patterns ︎︎︎
Finding patterns in simple forms with key callout colours

3D collage ︎︎︎
Repurposing and recyling fabric, textures and sneaker materials into portraits

Show the colours ︎︎︎
Primary mark-making and colour choice for personal identity

︎︎︎ FKA
Unused campaign concepts for in-store visuals: Nike & FKA Twigs collaboration

Credits — Made with myself & others 

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