Nike Structure 25

Role — Creative Director
Made with — Builders Club

Working with the fantastic team at Builders Club we crafted a campaign to showcase the most stable running shoe ever from Nike, the Structure 25.

Stable in every step, the visuals build stability around a moving world. 

Behind The Why.
A short film was created to explore the technology of strucutre, stability and hidden technologies within the Structure 25. 

AI, Houdini and Cinema4D techniques were used to fuse a stream of factual CGI together.

Unstable World
AI and exposed shutter techniques were deployed to create a bespoke world in which everything but the Strucutre 25 is unstable.

Research & Development


Credits — Made with Builders Club

Creative Directors
Antar Walker & Jonas Hegi

CG Design & Animation
Builders Club


Chris Banks

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