Magic Leap 2

Role — Creative Director & 3D Artist
Made with — First Things

A global campaign for the launch The Magic Leap 2, a class leading AR headset.

First Things and Magic Leap collaborate to bring their new headset to market. Helping design, create and produce a huge library of images, animation and photography for the definitive AR/VR headset of the future.

Magic Leap 2 Launch Film


3D Cinematography.
The essence of the Magic Leap campaign was built around precise and carefully planned lighting techniques to celebrate the form, design and technology of Magic Leap 2 ecosystem. 

Photography and Live Action.
Taking the art direction from CGI into a live action environment, a stills and film shoot extends the campaign from digitial to tangible, fusing the worlds together. 

The Magic Leap 2 is a complete ecosystem. Product designers took great care to make it the most fitted AR device in the market, complete customisation for every head size and shape. 

Research & Development


Research & Development.
A volume of exploratory visual development to examine the Magic Leap product world and it’s technology features.

Credits — Made with First Things

Creative Directors
Antar Walker & Matt Whitewood

CG Design & Animation
Antar Walker
Matt Whitewood
Alvaro Navarro
Jordi Pages
Nemanja Ivanovic
Andrew Prousalis
Mariusz Becker

John McIntosh
Mikey Smith

Magic Leap

Shoot Production
Anderson Hopkins
Kindley Productions

Collin Hughes

Dane Brown

Line Producer
SJ Ashby


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