Hyperlite Mountain Gear

Role — Photography

A photographic study of Hyperlite Mountain Gear, who make superlight backpacking products for weight concerned adventurers, hikers and mountaineers.

3400 Windrider.
The 3400 volume size (55L) is ideal for weekend, section, or thru hikes where resupply points are less frequent, or for a trip that needs flexibility.

100% waterproof Dyneema® Composite Fabrics.
The external mesh pockets provide ample room for the equipment you’ll want access to without having to open your pack and dig, and they’re great for drying out wet clothing as you go.

When the extra volume is not in use, the 3400’s top can roll down enough to make the overall size of the pack similar to the 2400, but that additional space can come in pretty handy when you need it.

Credits — Made with pure love of Hyperlite Mountain Gear products. 
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Photography & Styling
Antar Walker

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