Role — Creative Director
Made with — ManvsMachine

A television commercial celebrating Campbell’s brand new line of soup. Bringing each flavour to life with dozens of highly detailed scanned elements to create a world of choreographed ingredients.

Flavours in motion.
Each flavour has a unique mandala pattern, a three dimensional structure that animates seamlessly with colliding ingredients and oscillating movements bespoke for each food group.

Intensive scanning and re-modelling, texture and detail work was carried out on over twenty individual ingredients.

Taste the scan.
Over twenty ingredients were scanned in high resolution. Re-touching textures, precise modelling and shader work was carried out to get as much realism from each food group as possible.

Patterns of food were carefully choreographed to dance between multiple layers of ingredients to bring flavours together in perfect harmony.

Credits — Made with ManvsMachine 

Creative Director
Antar Walker

CG Design & Animation

Making Of Audio

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